Coronavirus and seasonal flu, detected simultaneously in a person, for the first time: where it happened

In recent months, authorities have issued several warnings of a “super-virus” combining coronavirus with seasonal flu. The inevitable happened for the first time.

The flu season has begun in many parts of the world. In the context in which coronavirus infections have not disappeared, several experts were of the opinion that we will have infections simultaneously with both viruses and in the same person. For the first time this year, the phenomenon happened to a person in Mexico.

The medical community has taken this case very seriously for the first time. Physicians are concerned about the significant additional pressure such cases could put on the health care system, first in Mexico and later in other countries around the world.

“More than the convergence of the two diseases in the same person, a less common thing, we should be concerned with juxtaposing the epidemic with the flu season, which could lead to a saturation of hospitals.” Alejandro Macias, responsible for managing the 2009 flu epidemic in Mexico, wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Confirmation of the first case of influenza and coronavirus in the same person was made on Sunday by the Mexican government. The first statements on this subject were made by Jose Luis aloma, director general of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health. The first case of the simultaneous presence of the two viruses was reported in Mexico. “Both the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen that causes Covid-19 disease, and the AH1N1 virus, which triggers the flu,” he said.

Unfortunately, the person confirmed with both seasonal flu and Covid-19 has more comorbidities. It is about a 54-year-old woman with a history of obesity, had cancer, suffers from an autoimmune disease and also has chronic lung disease. Currently, the patient has been hospitalized, and her evolution is good. As a reference, the patient began to show symptoms at the end of September, which led to her hospitalization at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán.

Regarding the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, this country has 817,503 cases detected by Covid-19 which were reflected in 83,781 deaths.

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