Google Calendar, more useful than ever: how to add apps to the new app

If you're not the most efficient when it comes to scheduling and following them, the latest version of Google Calendar makes your life significantly easier.

About two years ago, Google launched Tasks for iPhone and Android. In a context where it was not the most original application in the world, it did not necessarily make waves in the industry. But it came with a significant advantage. Task schedules were also integrated into the Google web calendar.

To make things even easier, Google has now integrated the full functionality of Tasks into Google Calendar for Android or iOS. This makes it significantly easier to see important appointments and events in your main calendar application. In addition, you can enter new dates and events in a significantly more efficient way, with all the features that Tasks made available to you.

In other words, you don't need the standalone Tasks app anymore, because you can view and create tasks, appointments, events directly in Google Calendar. To create a new task in the calendar using the mobile application of the same name, simply click on the Create button in the lower right corner and choose Task.

Immediately, you will be faced with a new window that you may recognize if you have used Task before. There you can enter the details of the event you are considering, the date, time, place. You can choose to be an all-day event, such as an anniversary or just for a few minutes. Predictably, if we are talking about an anniversary or event from the same spectrum, you can check the option to automatically repeat the event in the future calendar. When you're done, click Save in the upper right.

Unless it's obvious, any changes to Google Calendar are instantly synced across all of your devices and the web, provided you're signed in with the same username and password.

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