Google confirms what Americans will do after the election: the first Trump-Biden confrontation, a disaster

Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their first election debate before the Nov. 3 election. Because it was a disaster of great proportions, the Americans quickly reached Google.

In the context of Donald Trump's native aggression, Joe Biden's only solution to remain relevant was to descend to his level in the confrontation of a few days ago. Thus, insults, chaos, and headlines from the international press that are not at all optimistic about America's future were quickly reached. “The night when American democracy reached its lowest level,” the BBC wrote.

It didn't take long for the debate to take place until the Americans joined Google. According to data released by the Mountain View giant, many wanted to know â € œHow to apply for Canadian citizenship? Â €. The same situation was repeated in 2016, shortly after the election in which Trump became head of state.

The confrontation between the two candidates in the November 3 presidential election has left many Americans in a hurry to find solutions to escape, seeking information on emigration to the neighboring country. The panic was so great that the search for “How to move in Canda?” Exploded, with people mistyping the name of the neighboring country.

The trend in the number of queries on Google began to rise during the debate, but continued long after the end of the confrontation between Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the night. A new search peak took place in the morning of the next day.

Most of the searches came from Massachusetts, followed by Washington and Michigan, according to The Guardian. As an interesting detail, the “Let's Emigrate to Canada” movement began with the presidential election in 2004, with the victory of George W. Bush. The former record for Google searches in the same spectrum was set in 2016, following Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton.

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