The biggest pirate site, “killed” by coronavirus: what happened HorribleSubs

If you have any contact with the anime phenomenon, which is very popular globally, you may have heard of HorribleSubs. One of the most global and illegal platforms in this field will close soon.

Anime lovers will have fewer means to get to their favorite Japanese animated series or movie. The operators of HorribleSubs issued a statement on the subject and, although they came up with several arguments for the current decision, the main culprit is one, the pandemic.

â € œAfter a period of reflection and evaluation, we realized that it would be best to move on. From a technical point of view, you could say that HorribleSubs was killed by COVID ', it is shown in the document announcing the closure of the site. It also mentions that the operators encountered major difficulties in finding a balance between working on this project and many other activities.

Although you may have never heard of this site, although it is surprisingly well indexed on Google, it is worth considering a bit of history in terms of it. More than a decade ago, when it opened its doors, HorribleSubs offered only anime subtitles. About eight years ago, it began hosting torrented pirated content.

The site's popularity was so high, especially in the pandemic, that in August of this year, it had no less than 11 million unique visitors. At the time of writing, the site is no longer functional, and the home page displays a farewell message stating several times that the coronavirus pandemic has played a role. a very important role in making this radical decision from one day to the next. Consequently, those who continue to have an affinity for anime must look for another source of content, more or less legal.

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