Unprecedented changes from Dacia. They were unveiled after the announcement of the new models

Dacia has already presented the new generations of its representative models, Sandero and Logan. Sandero is the best-selling model in Western European markets, and Logan is dominant in the Dacia sales sector in Eastern Europe, in the North African and Eastern markets, but also In Turkey, where it is sold under the Renault brand.

Erde Tunga, designer of the Renault group in Paris, revealed to the first sketch of Sandero, from 2015. He is the one who created both the two generations of Duster, that And this new generation of Sandero.

Thus, he said how to make the first mold, with the help of trainees or young designers. CMF modular platforms also began to be developed many years ago. They consist of five interchangeable modules, starting with the engine compartment, passenger compartment, the two front / rear seats and the electrical / electronic systems. This is where the differences from the Renault Clio, the first model that used this platform, come into play.

We also find out, according to the same source, that each of these modules has been simplified systems and that they have been ordered from component suppliers to align with Dacia's pricing policy. For the ADAS system, for example, the one that brings a lot of safety technologies, among which is the emergency braking, a lot of tests and changes have been made. The final decision was to replace the pump with one more suited to the brand's budget.

Also, through the Media Control system, each customer will have the performances that he can afford, ie his own phone. A state-of-the-art Samsung or iPhone will provide the Dacia Sandero with the most fashionable multimedia system.

The entire car industry has been severely affected by the pandemic. Sales of new cars in Europe fell by 40%. However, Dacia officials are ambitious. They have announced that they will launch the first electric model, but also that they will bring on the market updated versions of Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway.

Dacia is going through one of the greatest periods of modernization in the history of the brand. The company will present in a few months its first electric car, and now it has presented the new generations Logan and Sandero that look more modern and are on a new platform, CFM-B, the one used by Renault's Clio and Captur models.

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