What are the devices that Netflix will broadcast 4K

When Apple launches macOS Big Sur later this year, Mac users will finally have a chance to start streaming Netflix in 4K HDR on their computer .

But you will need more than a 4K compatible screen to do this. In a support document noted by Apple Terminal (via 9to5Mac), Netflix says you'll also need a computer with a T2 Security chip. With this hardware requirement, only recent Macs have the ability to play UHD content from Netflix.

Here is the complete list of T2-equipped Macs that are compatible with the new 4K feature: MacBook Pro from 2018 or later, MacBook Air from 2018 or later, Mac mini from 2018, Mac Pro from 2019 , iMac Pro And 2020 the 2020 iMac. If you're not sure if your Mac has the necessary hardware, you can find out by following Apple's detailed steps on its website.

Verge suggests that the requirement may be related to the ability of the T2 chip to process HEVC encoded videos. On its iMac website, Apple says the coprocessor can transcode HEVC video up to twice as fast as its previous-generation T1 chip.

Thus, if Netflix encodes streams using HEVC, this could explain the requirement. Moreover, if you have a Mac equipped with T2, you will have to take into account a few other requirements. Obviously, macOS Big Sur is a must, but don't forget that you also have to subscribe to the Netflix premium plan of $ 16 per month. Finally, you can stream 4K content via Safari only. Other browsers will limit you to 720p on a Mac. And it would be a shame to watch movies at a lower quality when you have another possibility now.

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