Why is it cheaper to buy an electric car than a petrol or diesel one?

Electric family cars have lower maintenance and operating costs than their fossil fuel equivalents.

A recent study found that ordinary medium-sized electric cars could be cheaper to maintain for £ 131 a month – just over £ 700 – than those with a combustion engine.

However, small electric cars have remained more expensive than their fossil fuel equivalents, but the gap in property costs is narrowing within four years.

The financial advantage of owning an electric car has increased as they have been driven longer and longer distances, due to a lack of fuel costs and maintenance and taxes. cheaper. Also, electric vehicles keep their value longer.

The study was conducted at European level by Leaseplan, a vehicle fleet management company.

Price is often cited as a major barrier to buying electric cars, with zero-emission models costing £ 10,000 more than traditional vehicles.

The Times reported that a paper commissioned by the Department of Transportation called for a mandatory price labeling standard that underscores the real cost of ownership of an electric car rather than the purchase price.

The Leaseplan study compared the cost of ownership of electric, gasoline and diesel models in the small, medium and executive sectors. Costs include fuel, taxes, maintenance, insurance and depreciation.

He found that medium-sized electric cars cost £ 832 a month, purchase and running costs, compared to £ 911 for diesel and £ 963 for petrol.

“The industry is working tirelessly to make electric power a daily reality, but in order to succeed, the government must also take sides,” he said.

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